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New releases on Engineer Records For August

by on Aug.30, 2010, under Rock Music News

New releases on Engineer Records; Punk, Metal, Hardcore, Rock

The Startover’s new CD, Survivor’s Guide, is loaded with everything from sinister chord progressions to consistently catchy melodies, from gut wrenching beat downs to subtle hints of electronica and all whilst maintaining their own distinctive edge to the pop punk sound.
Survivor’s Guide hosts six tracks all boasting a commercial but independent sound telling tales of growing up, chasing girls, pure aggression and finding independence in such a spoon fed culture.
Critics may not label The Startover as the most ground breaking band they’ve ever heard – taking influences from bands like Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World and Fightstar, but the band would never admit to being anything different and some bands just do it better than others.
If honest, catchy song writing and bags of character is what you’re looking for then look no further. The Startover have truly arrived. (IGN141).

The Nutcutters are back with their third album Clyde which will turn the punk-rock scene upside down!
An album full with catchy melodies, fast beats, naughty and also thoughtful lyrics and spiced with the unmistakable voice of the Philippine singer Jake. Accompanied by drummer Normen and guitarist Chris, the threesome is about to reach a new level. What makes the new album as diversified as ever is first of all the usage of synthesizer played by drummer Normen. Supporting the great guitar riffs of Chris and humming bass of Jake the electronic influence creates a whole new touch in the old school pop punk sound of The Nutcutters. (IGN151)

Ramona – Mornington Crescent now open CD Inspired by classic 60’s mod bands, the EP was a conscious effort to make a recording that was rough around the edges and organic. A sonic departure from the heavily produced rock albums that dominate the music scene in North America. None-the-less a rock album through and through.
With the upcoming release of ‘Mornington Crescent Now Open’ on both Engineer Records and Pacific Ridge Records, alongside the official video release for ‘A Way Over’ and tour dates adding up, 2010 looks like it’s going to be a very busy year. (IGN145).

Breaching Vista – Breaking the view CD Imagine, if you will, that a saucerful of alien explorers landed on Earth as part of a peaceful mission to understand human culture. If the aliens wanted to learn about, say, ballet, we could show them a video of Baryshnikov. If they asked about golf, some footage of Tiger Woods would certainly explain a lot. And if the little green men wanted to grasp the concept of radio-friendly alternative rock (it could happen!), it would make sense to play them this CD by Breaching Vista.
It’s not that this Canadian band is the best alt-rock group out there, nor the most successful, but their four-song debut EP, Breaking the View, is a veritable primer on crafting catchy, hook-laden tunes that showcase all the best elements of the genre (and, thankfully, none of the worst).

With four songs clocking in at 15 minutes, the EP is a concise how-to of the genre, like a ‘Dummies Notes’ for any young hipsters hoping to get airplay and chicks.
All the crucial ingredients are there: the not-too-complicated guitar riffing, the angst-ridden lyrics about lost loves and other grief (our fave line: “Oh, this room is a hostel of pain”), the slick multi-layered production and the stuck-in-your-head-for-days anthemic choruses. Though this type of music has been done before (think Jimmy Eat World, Gin Blossoms, Tugboat Annie, Fightstar) it is not often done this well.
Lead vocalist John Maksym has a gutsy, self-assured voice that lends a sense of urgency and honesty to the lyrics. The guitar sound is tweaked to perfection, giving the big riffs some in-your-face power whilst the more intricate parts add texture to the background.
You’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective pop-punk song than ‘Tap Tap’ and in a space of less than four minutes the song evolves with several distinct gear changes and a chorus that just begs to be sung along with.
If our hypothetical alien visitors wished to understand the concepts of “originality” or “avant-garde,” we would surely have to steer them away from Breaching Vista. But when it comes to this particular brand of aggressive-yet-accessible radio-rock, Breaching Vista are exemplary representatives of their ilk. (IGN148).

Red Light Green Light – Everything Has Gone Wrong CD (IGN147).The new album “Everything Has Gone Wrong” by Red Light Green Light is “one of those records” and they are “one of those bands.” They are one of those bands that gets listed in bands influences rather than the Billboard Top 100 and they wouldn’t have it any other way. They preach old school punk rock ideas with a new school intensity all their own. In the song “Code Red/Almost Dead” the chorus sings “this is our contribution, but we are not your revolution. as youth dies dreams fade away. so live your life extraordinary and never settle for ordinary. be who you want to be, just live your life!” and that is what this record is about. Having the guts to follow your dreams and actually living your life. Red Light Green Light is one of those bands that you may have never heard of, but your favorite band has… and Everything Has Gone Wrong is a fine example of just that! Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy.

Failsafe For Tomorrow – Give up your ghost CD. At the end of 2007 after numerous gigs around Yorkshire Failsafe For Tomorrow recorded their first 6 track E.P. “Strike Your Matches” Which did a small release with Disillusioned Records. The reviews and comments of the first record were words like “Dynamic” “Universal” and even “Haunting” the band say “We think the E.P. and the songs we were writing were always trying to reach out to people who weren’t into our genre, When we write a song we never pick a side, just play what feels right”.
At the beginning of 2009 the band parted ways with lead guitarist Scott and replaced him with Mark Lovett, They continued to write and perform through the summer and gather songs for their long awaited second EP ‘Give up your Ghost’ and this hardcore masterpiece is available now on Disillusioned Recs. & Engineer Recs.
‘Failsafe’ Have an ever growing fanbase and will be touring this Summer 2010. (IGN135).

Semmi Komoly – Loss fills the air CD (IGN121). Hardcore how it should be done. Angry yet clever. Powerful yet melodic. These guys will rock you…

The Separation – Retire your engines CD These five guys from the Greater London area make up this rock band that combines catchy hooks, energetic riffs & frantic vocals on their debut album ‘Retire Your Engines’. Clearly influenced by everything from Punk to Stadium Rock, influences such as Alkaline Trio, At The Drive In & Glassjaw shine through, as does a distinctly English edge that first made Hundred Reasons & Reuben so exhilarating. According to the guys themselves, their sound can be described as ‘a furious marriage of Post Hardcore riffage to Pop-laden hooks. If you are sick of bands who are afraid to break out of the constraints of what Punk & Rock can offer then these guys are worth checking out. Well on their way to making a real name for themselves & with a February UK tour being lined up, this could be the sound of The Separation just revving their engines. Don’t bet against them taking the chequered flag. (IGN134).

Kyoto Drive – This is all we ever wanted CD (IGN136). Kyoto Drive is a mash-up of old fashioned pop-punk and new wave progressive pop that makes for a familiar yet forgotten combination of styles reminiscent of Drive Thru circa 2005. An absolutely amazing release by your new favourite band. 2010 looks to be a huge year for the band.

You can order your copy now direct from and we will send you a pile of special goodies with it.

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