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PRIMORDIAL – news update from A.A. Nemtheanga!

by on Jun.22, 2007, under Metal Music News

PRIMORDIAL – news update from A.A. Nemtheanga!

It’s been a long time since my last message….

The first and most important thing is that PRIMORDIAL will enter the studio in July and August to record the new album. We are travelling across the water to Wales to the middle of nowhere to an old analog studio. And with the blessing of Metal Blade it should be out in 2007…

The themes have moved on from the last album (they are also becoming more expansive and perhaps less desperate then the last album) and right now I’m beginning to piece together some ideas for the artwork with Paul from Scald who made “The Gathering Wilderness” look so special. It will look incredible I can guarantee that and will be an absolutely pure artistic statement in this day and age of hollow, plastic meaningless Metal covers. This of course goes for the music as well without saying !…

Apart from that some bad news, we have had to cancel both Dong Open Air in Germany and Metal Healing in Greece. Rehearsing has always operated at a premium with Primordial and now with the comparatively large distances between us we can’t devote time to both rehearsing for shows and making a new album. We sincerely apologise, anyone who knows us knows we hate to disappoint those who always come down and show their support for the band live. We will do our best to make it up to everyone in 2008.

Sentinel Records from Ireland are going to release “The Gathering Wilderness” on picture disc, No Sign of Life from Finland “Dark Romanticism” and Black Ace from Holland look like doing “Storm Before Calm” on pic disc with some revised and improved artwork all before the end of the year !. Not to mention my plans for splits with both Desaster and Rotting Christ. It’s going to be a busy 18 months with Wars to fight on several fronts…

I am also going to release a split 7” with a project I wrote some songs for called PLAGUED. I recorded a 2 track demo about 5 or more years ago. Finally Einheit Productions from Germany have persuaded me to release one track as a split 7” with Trimonium. I’m interested to see what people make of it. I’ll put the track up there on my myspace site soon. How very 21st century of me…I might continue now and try and forge a proper line-up for the band with this shot in the arm of enthusiasm. We shall see. Click Here for cover art and label info.

So that ends this transmission for now, If you are one of the few people still waiting on shirts. Bear with me, I’ waiting on reprints at the moment. We will never rip off anyone and you will all get something extra if you’ve been waiting some time…

BORN FROM PAIN – update on anniversary show!
What’s up everybody? We have just been informed by the people of De Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen that people who have reserved their tickets for next week’s show can still pay for their tickets in advance until friday the 22nd. No chance for that afterwards. If you gonna pick up your tickets at the door (as the original system required) you have the chance to do that between 16.00 and 19.00 on the 29th. Strictly after 19.00 whatever is left will go straight to anyone there that hasn’t got a ticket yet and is there to pay for it.
If you need to come from far and do have reserved a ticket, make sure you pay in advance. If you’re not there until 19.00 you might be fucked! Anyone without tickets; come and take your chance at the door. Good chance that there will be some tickets at 19.00! We had so many people asking us about tickets in the last few weeks, this is your chance!!! We’ll be recording this show as part of an upcoming DVD release in the future, so everdy look good, look alive, get crazy! Also, besides 10 years of BFP, remember this is Che’s last stand with Born From Pain. Let’s do this!!!

San Diego extreme metallers CATTLE DECAPITATION have launched a YouTube channel to document live videos and backstage action on the group’s ongoing Summer Slaughter Tour. There are currently only three CATTLE DECAPITATION performance clips available, but many more are coming, according to the band.
CATTLE DECAPITATION was honored in the “Best Hard Rock Band” category at the 2006 San Diego Music Awards, which took place on Sept. 18, 2006.

GOREROTTED – part ways with Matt ‘Robin Pants’ Hoban!
“Well people after 6 long years of hangovers and vomiting I have decided to call it a day and part ways with Gorerotted. I wish the boys great success for the future and would like to thank everyone I ever met at shows for being cool, especially the ones that let me smoke all their weed before being told to fuck off.” We wish Matt all the best for the future and with his new band The Agonyst, he’ll always be our bro and as he said, to us he left on a high note having just played our 1st ever show on American soil. We’ll play the upcoming festival shows as a 4 piece until a suitable replacement is found, when we’ll continue the writing of our 4th album ‘Get Dead Or Die Trying.’ You can catch us at Deathfest in London, Waldrock Festival in Holland, Kaltenbach in Austria and Brutal Assault in Czech Republic playing along side such greats as WASP, Testament, Meshuggah, Napalm Death, The Haunted, Madball, Satyricon, Deicide and many more.

THE ARCANE ORDER – working on new album!
The songwriting process for our yet-to-be-titled follow up to “The Machinery Of Oblivion” is running along just smoothly. So far we have 5 new songs and more 4 songs are in the making. We are very happy about the way the first 5 songs have turned out. We are trying to vary the new stuff a bit more… we have tried to increase speed, we are varying the songs a lot more bpm-wise, and we seem to have found a new approach to writing riffs which make them come out more extreme and original. We will make some really fast songs and at the same time have a few atmospheric “breathers” as well.
Morten returned from his Nightrage stint on their European tour 10 days ago, and later in June Morten will be joining French extreme metal masters Scarve temporarily replacing Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork) on their 2 perfomances at Grasspop and Hellfest on June 23rd and 24th. After Mortens return we will start rehearsing and intensly prepare for the recordings in September at Jacob Hansen Studios.
Stay tuned for more news later about album title, artwork, aprox. releasedate and other cool stuff…

AS I LAY DYING, JOB FOR A COWBOY has uploaded brand new video interviews with JOB FOR A COWBOY, NAPALM DEATH, DRAGONFORCE, SHADOWS FALL, TURISAS, DEVILDRIVER and AS I LAY DYING conducted at last weekend’s Download festival at Donington Park, Leicestershire, England. Watch the footage at this location . |


A LOVE ENDS SUICIDE just changed their name to LETS FIGHTING. The name comes out of a South Park episode and isn’t really here to make any sense, states the band. Also there is a pre production of a new song online on their brand new myspace page – check it out!

Hey Guys we’ve now got an official ANTERIOR forum at Metal Realm!! You can find it from this link
We’ll be checking it out and posting frequently, so check it out for everything ANTERIOR!!

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